Channa Malkin | Soprano

Boy solo in Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Poppea in Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea
Rotterdam Opera Days
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Channa's Journey
“I firmly believe there is a much bigger audience out there
for classical music than we can imagine.

It has become my mission to reach that audience, by disrupting classical music stereotypes and unearthing unknown realms
of repertoire both new and old.”
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Channa surprised both traditional opera fans and unsuspecting festival goers with 31 sold-out shows of the new multimedia opera Händel goes Tinder
Her debut album Songs of Love and Exile with guitarist Izhar Elias was hailed by the international press as “glorious”
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“Channa Malkin has a captivating musical personality and appeals to a broad audience.
She channels her unbridled creativity insocially engagedand highly personal programmes.”

– Aart-Jan van de Pol, jury member Grachtenfestival Prize 2020
and former Programmer at Concertgebouw

Upcoming concerts

Songs of Love and Exile with Izhar Elias
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Händel goes Tinder
Internationale Händel Festspiele Göttingen
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Songs of Love and Exile with Izhar Elias
Leidse Hofjes Concerten
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