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Handel goes Tinder

"I know nothing about Händel and little about Tinder.
But combining them both turns out to be very sexy.”

- Greg Shapiro (BNR, Comedy Central, Boom Chicago)

Multimedia opera


Social media clashes with the 18th century music of G. F. Handel in the new multimedia opera Handel goes Tinder.

When single in her twenties Dorinda is dumped, she goes online in search of the love of her life. Best friend Tatiana is with her through thick and thin. Will she find a man worthy of an aria, or will it be an endless parade of losers and “swipe left?” Theater, comedy and classical music come together in a new story that delivers painful moments of recognition for every smartphone addicted millennial . Together with the audience, the OperaBitches make an interactive journey through Dorinda's disastrous love life.

Soprano Channa Malkin and violinist Anastasia Kozlova are the creators of this new production “Händel goes Tinder”. A tragicomic drama with script and direction by Michael Diederich (known for All Together Now, Boom Chicago and various Joop van den Ende musicals).

With musical support from: AvinoaShalev (harpsichord), Izhar Elias (guitar) and Tony Overwater (violone).

“Handel goes Tinder” is made possible in part by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the NORMA Fund.