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Duo Malkin-Elias

Witness the magic

“Movingly beautiful”
- Nieuwe Muze Magazine
“Movingly beautiful..”
Nieuwe Muze Magazine
“To me, making music with Izhar is like coming home. Rarely have I felt such a strong musical connection. In our rehearsals, we barely need to say anything as we are automatically inspired by each other’s ideas and impulses in the moment.

On stage, this translates to a feeling of great freedom and spontaneity.”
Witness the magic...
Channa’s collaboration with prize-winning guitarist Izhar Elias has been described by the international press as “glorious”. Their debut album Songs of Love and Exile (Brilliant Classics, 2019) was inspired by their shared Jewish heritage and family histories. It was awarded 4 stars by De Volkskrant, and was featured on the well-known classical music website Slipped Disc.

They performed the accompanying programme in some of the main concert venues in the Netherlands, such as the Dutch National Opera, Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden and Noorderkerk Amsterdam. They appear regularly on Dutch national radio and tv, most recently on Podium Witteman, the Netherlands’ main tv programme for classical music, jazz and world music. For the 2020/21 season, performances are planned at Hofjesfestival Leiden and CityProms Leeuwarden, among others.

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“Channa Malkin stands out through the purity of her voice and tone, her magistral sotto voce and her subtle dramatism. Izhar Elias we already know as the fabulous guitarist who the repertoire is truly heavenly and stylishly presented. It’s a cd one should most definitely buy.”

Frank Linder
Their varied concert programmes contain a strong element of storytelling, and seek the intersection between classical art song and folk music. Audience favorites such as De Falla’s Siete canciones popolares Españolas are combined with lesser known gems that deserve to be discovered. Some examples of their wide-ranging repertoire, which can be combined into various different programmes:

Traditional Sephardic melodies in Duo Malkin-Elias’ own arrangements and settings by contemporary composersv 
Spanish folk songs by Manuel de Falla and Federico Garcia Lorcav
Italian and Spanish 17th-century ‘pop songs’ by Domenico Obizzi and José Marinv 
The Divan of Moses Ibn-Ezra, a song cycle by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedescov
Psalms of Life, a song cycle by Lowell Dykstra, composed especially for Duo Malkin-Elias and still looking for a world premiere!

For more detailed info about Duo Malkin-Elias’ concert programmes and for booking inquiries,
please contact Rozemarijn Tiben from Interartists Amsterdam.
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